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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 07 April 2015

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Joined 2013-08-26


I played all the Larry games in the nineties, but the first one stands out in my memory. It was novel and different, and it’s the only one of the series I played together with friends. Great fun! So it was nostalgia that made me buy Larry Reloaded (2013).

I didn’t back the kickstarter project because I felt the theme was outdated and Larry should stay in the nineties. I still feel the same after playing the game. The graphics are good, it was nice to revisit the old locations and some new content was added. But for me many jokes fell flat. The part with the hooker made me cringe (especially Larry’s lines) and did they really have to make her look quite so repulsive? I don’t know how I’d rate the game if I hadn’t played the original…


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It’s like watching Porky’s or other 80s sex comedies. Different times


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I don’t know about the previous ones, but Love for Sail is in the top league.


Recently finished: Four Last Things 4/5, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout 5/5, Chains of Satinav 3,95/5, A Vampyre Story 88, Sam Peters 3/5, Broken Sword 1 4,5/5, Broken Sword 2 4,3/5, Broken Sword 3 85, Broken Sword 5 81, Gray Matter 4/5\nCurrently playing: Broken Sword 4, Keepsake (Let\‘s Play), Callahan\‘s Crosstime Saloon (post-Community Playthrough)\nLooking forward to: A Playwright’s Tale

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