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The Dark Eye 1996 PC game, How to make this run?

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I wasn’t sure to post this here or in tech support because I have not bought the game yet.. Part of the reason I have not bought it yet is because I don’t want to waste my money if I will never be able to get it to run.

I saw someone say before in these forums that The Dark eye does not run on windows 7. I use windows 7. Can any more people confirm this? I have been wanting to try this game for YEARSSSS Pan ever since I took a short look it on youtube. It looks so creepy! Heart Eyes

My comp specs: 4 gb ram, 3.40 GHZ AMD Phenom quad 4,radeon sapphire 5770 HD

Thanks for any help and info, and I apologize if this is posted in wrong area


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A piece of advice: I have discovered that most of the games that can’t be run under windows 7 64-bit (I use them as well), work perfect under an emulated environment. I personally use Virtual Pc to emulate a windows 98 environment on my PC to get older games to work, but there are other ways as well (VirtualBox, etc).

Edit: I checked The Dark Eye under windows 98 from Virtual PC and works perfect.


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Well, as I’ve said many times before, I’m no techie. But I can’t get the game to install on my Win7. No error message, disk drive whirring, and then nothing. I tried one or two compatibility settings, nothing. It would probably work in a Win95 emulator though.

EDIT: Heh, you posted while I was still typing, Sefir.


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Currently there are no real solutions with win 7/64 bit. There is no emulator that can handle the bigger PC games from about 2000+ unless the game has been patched by the developer. Really old games that ran on dos/xp/98/me/95 originally can be run off an emulator. These are the tiny ones you think of from the mid-late 90’s. 

The only way to bypass the win7/64 bit issues is to instal a 32 bit OS (like vista) onto a partition (I highly do not recommend doing this because it’s irreversible without a complete rewipe and reformat back to 64.), and any DOS based OS installed on a partition is completely unstable and you will end up having to reformat to get your win7 back.

The best option is to send microsoft feedback and contact the developers about patches. There is probably a solution around the corner, but it may take awhile. It is also possible that Steam may begin converting some old games to their valve engine. As of now, it’s just not possible on win7 and an older computer on Vista 32 bit might be the best answer.

edit: not all are incompatible, but if running it in compatibility mode doesn’t work and the game will not start at all…you’re probably stuck. Issues like glitches, and some crashes in a running game can usually be resolved with tweaking.


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I have no idea if this will help anyone at all but, if you are running a version of Windows 7 above the “home” version (for example Professional) you can download and install Microsoft’s XP compatability mode from here:

It works well on business applications but I’m not sure how well it will work on games due to graphics and/or sound driver issues. As it’s free though you won’t lose anything by trying.

To say again: this is not compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium.


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I’ve been able to install Windows 3.x in DOSBox and successfully played Windows-based games in such an environment. As long as your computer is up to the task of emulating it, you might be in luck. I haven’t tested it with that particular game though.


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I can successfully play this game via DosBox on Windows7 Professional Smile I see it’s been a lil while since you posted but let me know if you still need any help with it!


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Another possibility if you have the space is to simply set up an older computer as a dedicated gaming machine specifically for older games.  Investment is minimal if there is any investment required at all, there will be no compatibility issues, and you can always pause your game and look up a hint or walkthrough on your newer computer if you get stuck.


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