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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 08 March 2015

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Women’s Week - Special

Today is the 105th International Women’s Day. Chrissie and I are going to follow the example of a previous AGSotD guardian and have a special Women’s Week. I’ll start with one of my favorite leading ladies: Laverne, the slightly deranged medical student from Day of the Tentacle with a thing for scalpels. (Didn’t your psychiatrist tell you to stay away from knives, Laverne?) She’s a great character and her sweet voice fits her perfectly. Just hearing her laugh makes me laugh.Heart Eyes 

In the screenshot she’s taken the flag to disguise her insignificant human self as a hot tentacle babe.
Yoo-hoo! Mr. Tentacle guy!


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Happy International Women’s Day to all the members of AGF who are female or feel like a woman.

Karlok - 08 March 2015 06:52 AM

Yoo-hoo! Mr. Tentacle guy!

Hahaha, you’ve made me want to play DotT once again. I’d do it right now if I weren’t replaying (made-up) Grim Fandango.
LucasArts/Double Fine forever!


The human race is doomed to progress.
Tony Clifton


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Oh yes, Laverne was an awesome female character. Really not a regular damsel in distress or a sexual object but still she could use her “feminine wiles” to her advantage. I loved her. Should definitely do a DoTT replay some of these days, it’s been years, probably a decade already.


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I will not stand for the intolerant feminism that this thread is promoting!

Hehe, only joking Grin You go gurlz! Happy womens week! Smile


Duckman: Can you believe it? Five hundred bucks for a parking ticket?
Cornfed Pig: You parked in a handicapped zone.
Duckman: Who cares? Nobody parks there anyway, except for the people who are supposed to park there and, hell, I can outrun them anytime.


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Best game of all time Smile

Laverne: “This must be that Woodstock place Mom and Dad always talk about.”

Laverne: “Ooh, a hampster. Just what I need for dissection lab tomorrow.”
Hoagie: “I think I need that for the band, Laverne. You know, we could, like, bite it’s head off or whatever.”


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Happy Women’s Day to all our (much) more beautiful members! Smile

Laverne is a very memorable character and proof that you don’t need thousands of lines to create one.


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A bit late but, happy Women’s Day
Such memorable characters in adventure games


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