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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 07 March 2015

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Joined 2013-08-26


The first game I bought from the newly opened Adventure Gamers Store is the episodic The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle (2014). I spent a few enjoyable hours with the episode called A Dreadly Business this morning. Bertram Fiddle (on the right, with his cyclops butler on the left) hunting down a creepy murderer in very creepy Victorian London. Lots of puns, nicely silly story, very pleasing graphics, and I loved the music. The puzzles are easy, but me being me I got stuck once. Shifty Eyed I will definitely buy the next episode.


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I have some issues with the nose-designs in this game Gasp Looks like most characters has a hovering candy sausage in front of their faces


Duckman: Can you believe it? Five hundred bucks for a parking ticket?
Cornfed Pig: You parked in a handicapped zone.
Duckman: Who cares? Nobody parks there anyway, except for the people who are supposed to park there and, hell, I can outrun them anytime.


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Yuck! That guy looks like he has a fat, disgusting, pink catterpillar on his face!!!


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Sefir - 08 March 2015 06:06 AM

fat, disgusting, pink catterpillar on his face!!!

It looks like Spot from The Whispered World. (although Spot is pretty cute)


Women come and go… a highscore lasts forever

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