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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 07 February 2015

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Façade (2005) was a free indie game (see here) and an innovative experiment which received a lot of attention from the media. A combination of what was then cutting edge real-time AI, basic graphics and natural language processing technology. You pay a visit to old friends of yours, a married couple who almost immediately start fighting with each other. You play an important role in the unfolding events. You type responses to questions, take sides, and your interactions with your friends will determine whether they reconcile or maybe even break up.

It’s a very short game but of course has replay value and it was fun to play. The voice acting is excellent.




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My interest is piqued Karlok! - it sounds like something I would enjoy playing & based on the screenshot I like the look of it too.


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I played this when it came out and it was interesting. Took me a couple of tries to get them to reconcile but you could “have fun” and be a jerk too. Might try it out again at some point.


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Strangely enough, I played it too.

It was very impressive the fact that in my 4 plays I came up with different results and different information about the characters came to light!!


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