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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 25 January 2015


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Chrissie had the great idea to launch a special during the quarter finals of Bogi’s Tournament. For the next eight days we will post pics from the eight games. We have our individual preferences of course, but we are not promoting any game in particular. This is just for fun.

So here’s the first of the four candidates that are already known (voting for the other four is in process as I’m writing this): The Day of the Tentacle. I chose a screen from Tim Schafer Plays Day of the Tentacle at youtube. Loved listening to Schafer. Cool


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Niice Smile

Thanks a lot for reminding me to at last watch that Schafer’s playthrough.


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Entertaining. I think this was part of the on-going Broken Age documentary.
Is there a part 2? I only see other Tim playthroughs of Full Throtle and Grim Fandango.


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