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The Cage Matches Overview


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Advie regularly organises a “Cage Match” where two prominent genre members (games, developers, voice actors, characters, etc.) get pitted against each other.

This thread links to all of them (and summarizes the content).

The official voting in Cage Match threads ends after a week, but the discussion can of course go on…

As an aside for this, Bogi took the Cage Match concept to its logical extreme and organised the Big AG “VS - There Can Be Only One” tournament, a tournament that pits adventure games against each other in a knock-out tournament to determine this forum’s favourite game.

Cage Matches:

Cage Match #0: The Queens of Sierra_Online - Jane Jensen vs. Roberta Williams

Cage Match #1: Voice Actors of Wadjet Eye - Brian Silliman (Azriel Odin) vs. Logan Cunningham (Horatio)

Cage Match #2: The Greatest of the Great - Grim Fandango vs. Day of the Tentacle

Cage Match #3: Dumb & Dumber - Roger Wilco vs. Larry Laffer

Cage Match #4: A Healthy Comparison - The Book of Unwritten Tales vs. The Whispered World

Cage Match #5: Summon the Dead - Future Games vs. Deck 13

Cage Match #6: In for the Balance - April Ryan vs. Zoë Castillo

Cage Match #7: Those Were the Days - 1993 vs. 1997

Cage Match #8: ...Sure Seen This Coming - Daedalic Entertainment vs. Telltale Games

Cage Match #9: Martin Ganteföhr Master Piece - Overclocked: A History of Violence vs. The Moment of Silence

Cage Match #10: Tales of Escape - Escape from Monkey Island vs. Tales of Monkey Island

Cage Match #11: Syberia: The Longest Journey - April Ryan vs. Kate Walker

Cage Match #12: When Inventions and Discoveries Collide - Machinarium vs. The Neverhood

Cage Match #13: 2 Dark 2 Classics - Sanitarium vs. I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Cage Match #14: The Bill & Tim Excellent Adventures - The Dig vs. Full Throttle

Cage Match #15: With all due respect for SQIII fans - Space Quest IV: The Time Rippers vs. Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Cage Match #Finale: The Greatest of the Great - Remake! - Grim Fandango Remastered vs. Day of the Tentacle Remastered


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