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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 09 December 2014

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Ceremony of Innocence is based on the beautifully illustrated Griffin and Sabine Trilogy by artist/author Nick Bantock and consists of postcards and letters between two lovers. A multimedia experience or should I call it an interactive audio novel. The player has to find a way to open each letter or turn a postcard over. The animations are marvelous. The text is read by Isabella Rossellini, Paul McGann and Ben Kingsley and it goes without saying that they do it very well.

I bought and read the trilogy in the early nineties when it was a bestseller.  It’s a mysterious love story, open to interpretation. The reason I chose Ceremony of Innocence for this week special is that the game is actually better than the books.  The trilogy already had envelopes glued to pages which the reader had to open and was in fact begging to be turned into a multimedia experience with animations and sounds. 

The screenshot is the very first postcard from Sabine to Griffin. It’s one of my favorites because you can turn it over in two different ways. 


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Yet another one I’ve always wanted to try.
It is time (as Rafiki would say).

P.S. This is a great mini-review.


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zobraks - 09 December 2014 05:39 AM

P.S. This is a great mini-review.

Yes! I’ve never heard of the books but am familiar with the title of the game via screenshot browsing! I find it refreshing that you find, Karlok, the game better than the books. I think it’s so often the case that to make a novel-based game interactive by introducing game-play elements, puzzles + the developers own aspects the original story is usually compromised in some way to make way for these.


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I love Nick Bantock’s art and stories.  He has others besides the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, including The Museum at Purgatory, The Artful Dodger, and The Venetian’s Wife.  I own the Griffin and Sabine game but have yet to play it.


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