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Thimbleweed Park—Maniac Mansion style game from Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick


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There are two different points where Reyes (or Ray) can be knocked out - once before the arrest and once later on. The time before the arrest there is a cutscene preceding it. The time after the arrest, there’s a cutscene afterwards. Note that these are both optional depending on other things you do during the game, so some players won’t see them at all.

About the navigator’s head, make sure you have “annoying in-jokes” turned on in the options menu, otherwise you can’t do anything with it. This setting was recently added to the game and it’s turned off by default, so you have to go in and turn it on even if you never actively turned it off.




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It would been better if turning off “annoying in-jokes” got rid of the navigator’s head entirely. As well as all the other useless inventory items.

(I really hope it also gets rid of the “a-boo” jokes as well, but I doubt it)


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