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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 09 November 2014

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Like so many people, I have been burnt by Kickstarter and I no longer want to back new adventure projects, but it’s an undeniable fact that we have to thank Kickstarter for a lot of interesting and good games from indie developers. I’m glad other people backed Among the Sleep (2014) even if I didn’t.

The familiar surroundings of a two-year old turned into a nightmare. Good thing you have your new talking teddybear (a birthday present) with you to help you find Mommy in the middle of the night and hide from monsters. You can crawl, walk, climb, hug Teddy, and pick up objects. It’s a big and terrifying world out there for a toddler, which I loved exploring. Great sound effects too. It’s a short game, finished it in one sitting and enjoyed it. Actually, I’m surpised the AG review gave it only 3 stars.


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It was an interesting and original premise but it suffers because of the lack of ideas in the level design and becomes repetitive (despite being short). It does have a nice creepy atmosphere. Should be a fun game to play with the Oculus.

There is a new free DLC released last week. It’s a short prequel chapter (15-30min) that adds a bit of back story. Worth a go if you liked the game.


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