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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Wednesday 29 October 2014

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Joined 2013-08-26


HALLOWEENWeek-day Special

Trick or Treat (1995) is a very rare 3rd-person adventure with an isometric view. You start working in a home for the elderly on 31 October. Feeble old-timers in wheelchairs, how lovely. They want you to help them prepare a Halloween Party and of course you oblige. Turns out the senior citizens are the bad guys and want to kill you. I don’t know if they succeeded, cause the game kept crashing on me like mad. Frustrated, I sold it again and got rich .


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Joined 2011-04-01


Considering your summary, I’d go for dialogue option 4.

I like the graphics. They look like they were drawn on paper and scanned in!


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Joined 2014-10-28


There’s something about the plot summary and that old guy in his wheelchair that I find impossibly scary. It all depends on the game’s overall tone I guess, but it’s intriguing to say the least.


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Joined 2012-03-09


While I detest isometric view in adventure games in general, I find it very appealing here. Oscar is right, the graphics look very nice!


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