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Your first game?

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italia 90 on sega mega drive Grin


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My first adventure game was “Gobliiins”, I played it on 8088 XT with EGA (16 colors), I was studying at the 6th grade at that time =). I really liked all that dark&comic; fantasy theme: flesh-eating flowers, skeletons and skulls, alchemical laboratory, mysterious giants. I was completely stuck at the level with a giant head (you should read books to it). It was 1996, I have no Internet, but in local bookstore was a book with walkthroughs. Also, I didn’t have any money to buy it, so I was turning pages playing a picky customer till I found that unfortunate level. I was just shocked to know one’s should click a single point on a screen to pull out a fish behind a column. So I learnt pixel-hunting…


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My 1st game was Monkey Island 3. I remember the sights & sounds of Plunder island so well, such vivid colours it was almost like i was there. Still waiting for monkey island 6!!!


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Prince of Persia Laughing


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My first game was Prince of Persia I met her by chance, I saw a disc in the store. I fell in love with this game)


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First game I ever played was also Prince of Persia in ‘89 or ‘90. Never finished it haha.
First game I owned was Tomb Raider II when it was released.

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