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wilco - 14 April 2015 11:02 AM

Bloodborne has sold 1 millon in 10 days! All is well

More than dksls2 , this and 93 mc , Sony dropped the ball for sure lol.


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I’ve finished all all the endings in the main story. Still have the Chalice Dungeons (and 3 trophies to go). I might have been way to careful and slow (finished in level 105) but I really wanted to explore everything. To hell with those big-brained enemies that instant killed me with frenxy!
Reading up on lore theories now.

Combat system is so good, I really hope other developers are taking note… Parry and dodging systems so nice and fluid. Combat with some actally strategy since it’s dificult to handle mobs. I tried the other weapons but I mostly used my trusty axe.

Bosses are not as strong as in Demons Souls and I found them easier to handle. In Demons Souls I had to check the guides a lot of times to kill them (but it could be because it was the first game of the genre I was playing…)


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