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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 29 July 2014

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GAME OVER - Death Week Special

Lots of nice last moments in Return to Zork. This one is from the very first screen of the game in Vulture Valley. Annoy the vulture perched on the road sign and it will kill you in one fell swoop, breaking your monitor and the 4th wall in the process.


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Heh!  I remember this one.  To say the movement/execution wheel was convoluted and excessive is being kind.  It took me an hour just to understand it.  But then I was coming off of the great Zork Nemesis and wanted to see what the earlier game was like.  Oy, that woods maze with every frame exactly like the last and the goofy music that never matched the scene (except the Weeping Tree, or whatever it was called, which was suitably dreary and made you so depressed by the end you wanted to hang yourself).  But I wouldn’t have missed “Want some rye?  ‘Course you do!” and “Hey!  I need a new battery!” for the world.


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