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LTTP: Kentucky Route Zero is amazing


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Incase someone miss general section

On X,Ps4,switch with all 5 eps and interludes


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So episode 5 Early 2018.
Good way to get some more sales putting it on consoles


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Well it was short, but worth the wait. What a great journey. You can see why it took so much time to put out.

Looking back on all 5 episodes, the game was inventive, emotive, and highly artistic. The dialogue system was probably one of the few genuine innovations in adventure games. Each of the characters were very well written. Great graphic design - each screen looked beautiful. And I don’t say this for many games, even choice-based games, but it’s something I would be happy to replay.


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So good that’s it’s finally here. Smile I’ve forgotten a lot, so I’m going to replay all four episodes first to get the most out of the fifth one.


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I bought the season pass years ago but have just got around to even starting it & going on to playing it all for the 1st time on release of the final episode.

The first 3 episodes were very engaging but seemed to move into some tedious gameplay in the following couple of episodes despite continuing intrigue in the story. For anyone that doesn’t like dialogue forget it, I found it interesting as despite getting very bored with the gameplay I found the reference to all of the characters within the backstories fascinating - I’m not sure I understand the overall concept of the story - I’m still thinking about that as everything/everyone seems related - but there seems to have been a lot of thought put into it. I did get the same feeling on playing Forever Worlds i.e. it was a great idea in the mind of the developer that didn’t translate so well to that of the player.      Smile

Thanks to the mod that moved my post - I knew there was a post about the game but didn’t know to enter LTTP into the search - LTTP?


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