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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Thursday 05 June 2014

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Sanitarium is another one of Bastich’s beloved dark games .

Hon, you’re not going to believe it… I’ve found the answer!! All those years… I should have seen it! There’s more… I’ll tell you when I get home.

Dark, rainy night… slippery road downhill… brakes not working… car out of control skidding across the road… plunging over the railing… CRASH!!

And then we’re in the creepy asylum. Lots of games have opening scenes in trains, planes and cars, but this is one of those mysterious intros that only make sense at the end of the game when everything comes together. A satisfying “aha-erlebnis”. Even better when every now and then you come across reminders of the opening scene, like a car wreck in one of the early chapters of Sanitarium, because by that time I’m immersed in the game and have forgotten all about the intro.


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amazing game!
great story, characters, design. soundtrack, everything really.
can’t help it but post another screenshot.


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Surely one of the best games ever. Great in every aspect. One of my boys think is the best adventure game he ever saw.


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Sanitaruim? Great game.
I’ve played it (almost) ten years ago (in July-August 2004).


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A point and click remake/patch for the character controls, please.

sorry i love the game no doubt, but i cant forget how the end game puzzle was a disaster, afterall the 12 chapters, i was Not interested in finishing that last part/the game .


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