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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 5 May 2014


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Joined 2003-10-05


Blue Heat (1997) is a game with FMV based on and including footage from the movie Cover Me starring Paul Sorvino, Elliot Gould, Corbin Bernsen et al. You play the role of a female undercover detective infiltrating the world of erotic/nude modeling in order to capture a serial killer. As such, it contains lots of nudity and is geared towards a mature audience. It is kind of a police procedural in that you have to collect and submit evidence to labs, establish motives, interrogate people, verify alibis, and, er… pose naked for photo shoots.


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There seems to be a glut of sleazy FMV games from the mid-90s. Can we blame Basic Instinct for that?

More interesting than zombies I guess.


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I have very good memories of Blue Heat. The murder investigation was interesting and the dialogues added an extra dimension. Once you chose an option, some or all of the other options would no longer be available, so you’d better save/restore often. It was fun to have people show me the door when I didn’t chose wisely, and going back to try again was not possible. Just like real life. Smile

I also have fond memories of the young guy at the police lab, a lovesick puppy who tries to date undercover agent Holly. But Holly already has a boyfriend and we even get to see suggestive shots of them in action.


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