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Dave Gilbert on Wadjet Eye Games

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Daniel Griffiths has a really interesting interview of Dave Gilbert about Wadjet Eye Games - http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielnyegriffiths/2012/06/22/wadjet-eye-games-micropublisher/

And this game looks interesting (sounds like Machinarium)

In the fall we’ve got a game called Primordia coming out. Not much has been said about it yet (keeping the focus on Resonance!), but it’s an adventure set in a beautifully bleak post-apocolyptic world where robots are the only creatures left standing. You play a robot named Horatio who is ekeing out a living in the wastes when his power supply is stolen, so he has to venture out into the world to get it back (and learn what happened to the world in the process).


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Sounds fantastic!


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Looks pretty but the story doesn’t grab me too much yet


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yeah Dave’s been throwing hints and pics about the game in twitter for a little while now.


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Looks cool.


An adventure game is nothing more than a good story set with engaging puzzles that fit seamlessly in with the story and the characters, and looks and sounds beautiful.
Roberta Williams

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