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Last finished game


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For me the Tomb Raider games that felt closest to the Uncharted games are Legends and Underwold. I found them similar in that they presented lush vibrang environments that were enjoyable to explore. The newer Tomb Raider games are a bit too dark for me in terms of visuals.


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Legends and Underworld are my favorite Tombraider games. I played them several times. The new ones are OK, but are very different from the classic Tombraider games.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.


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Okay So last night I beat Tomb Raider definitive edition on ps4.
And I got a 93%  I almost found everything in the game!

So first I want to talk about why I like this game and not the originals as much.

And then I want to touch on why I prefer this to uncharted.

So The eidos/Core design era had messy control scheme, but we all already know that.  I will recommend though that I think the tank controls work much better on the PC ports than on PS1.  I dislike it because the way you find hidden stuff is total BS.  Often there is no real indication that something is hidden, or even that you can climb up on a ledge.  Because the polygonal texture for the place hiding the secret is basically identical to a normal wall texture, of course you don’t know anything is there.  Often when you do find a secret, I have no clue what it does.  I think you can see it in the menu, and in Lara’s Croft manor.  But I was a kid.  I had no context for the treasures she was finding.  Think about indiana jones where it’s often explained WHY a treasure is valuable, or WHY bad guys want it.
And putting a design or texture to indicate a hidden secret might be nearby was well done in games like Zelda, or even in similar games like RUNE.
The puzzles in classic TR were passable, except the ones that just asked you to wrestle with the BS controls like pressing a switch and diving under a door at the last second.

In the new ones most of the puzzles are environmental, so you set stuff on fire, push, pull etc.  And really that’s it.  The elements are simple, but how you use them together is thought provoking.

So after TombRaider started to die as they struggled with the ps2 era, Uncharted arrives on the scene, and even though I’ve already complained a bit about it, at least they breathed new life into this 3rd person action adventure genre. Story was solid, characters were solid, climbing and exploring was passable.  A few puzzles here and there, challenging but not difficult.  My god the combat is awful.  The mechanics of it are fine enough, but one kind of human need 8 bullets to kill him?!  I’m glad they included aim assist, but the combat gets arguably worse with each entry.
In uncharted, you do find treasures which is cool, but they are just kind of there.

I beat uncharted 2 last night as well, and Uncharted 2 starts incredibly strong with the media res, but quickly devolves to a passable cover based shooter.

When Tombraider comes back under crystal dynamics/square enix, they fixed the combat of uncharted, and my favorite things about this new tomb raider are:

Lara Croft is an interesting character again!  She has a fully fleshed out personality, and she’s not just some prissy british archaeologist girl. I mean she still kind of is that, but she feels more real because of her journal diaries, and her speculating about the treasures she finds.  When you find a relic or journal, not only do you get a description, but also she comments about it which both serves to inform the player of the importance of these things, as well as flesh out Lara’s archaeology genius.

And lastly that while finding the GPS caches is lame, I really enjoyed finding the relics and journals so I can get insight to the characters and some explanation of the treasures.

Now I have to buy the next two Tomb Raiders!


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I’m a big fan of Tomb Raider, I have played them all except for Angel of Darkness, which I started and I’m yet to finish it. I’m very fond of the old Tomb Raider not only for nostalgic reasons, but there was something about them that made them special for many fans, like the feeling of isolation and the focus on puzzles and exploration. Heck even finding hidden places and treasures like you mentioned was not only enjoyable but even necessary, as it was where you would find health packs and ammo. The new trilogy (and starting with Legend and Underworld, which I also enjoyed) are good and fun but steered too much into action.

I also prefer them over Uncharted, I feel like overall the gameplay, the tombs and even collectibles are way more meaningful and fun that the more linear and action packed structure of Uncharted. I recently played the 1st Uncharted as well and while enjoyable the shooting just got tedious after a while (not to mention the bullet sponge enemies)

It’s interesting to see your take on the character Celebreon, and while I agree with you that I liked her character in the 1st of the reboot trilogy, by the end of Shadow it just felt incoherent, there wasn’t much development and it was like a totally missed opportunity. I think many fans, myself included, ended up missing that prissy personality of the originals.

But you should definitely play the other two. Shadow of the Tomb Raider especially tones down the action for more exploration and has a lot of side tombs if you add the DLC ones, but it has a disappointing story imo.


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operation valkyrie done


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