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Last finished game


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Tamiil - 22 October 2019 03:44 PM
Jdawg445 - 21 May 2019 09:47 PM

just beat legend of heroes trails of cold steel 1

I’m going to start with the series soon starting with Trails in the Sky. I was going to jump in with Cold Steel I, but I’ve heard that it would be best if you’ve played the other ones too with Cold Steel III. And with Cold Steel IV prior games are supposed to be even more important.

Did you play the Trails in the Sky saga too? Luckily there’s a Japanese voice over mod now, with voices taken from the Japanese Evolution version, so it’s professionally done. Should give all that text a bit more character.

No i did not and i dont think you need to either unless you want to, i heard they are good, but i was never lost and the couple of questions i did have a google search answered them quickly. Cold steel 1 and 2 are now up there with my favorite jrpgs of all time. I cant wait for cold steel 3, im getting it for christmas


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1954 Alcatraz – PC

An average point and click adventure game as the score would suggest. I thought the voice acting was probably the highlight. Didn’t really get stuck at any point from beginning to end. Had 1 hard crash.

According to GoG Galaxy - Play time was 11h 26min



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