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Last finished game


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SoccerDude28 - 16 July 2017 08:33 PM
Mel - 16 July 2017 12:39 PM

Is TEKKEN 7 available on PC?




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FinalFantasy XII Zodiac Age PS4

PS2 emulator already makes it cool looking but Devs behind Remaster took the matter to next level
Armors shine, hair details, fingers, extra particles and water effects etc list goes on
Ivalice is a gaming wonder in design and among best world design in any media, only made more amazing to look at, new players are in treat and old players will just wonder how beautifully it has aged

Gameplay changes make it much interesting with new jobs and fast forward combat which cuts the fatigue in half and character progression helps auto combat tactics
Old tracks have new beautiful renditions, Hitoshi sakimoto brings Matsuno magical world like FFtactics and VagrantStory to new level

The amount of timelessness kept me wanting Chronocross,Xenogears,VagrantStory and Tactics remakes
Its a peek into strong company Square used to be, last great FF before things went all downhill

Characters, worlds, voice acting and above all classic Matsuno story full of twists , betrayal , conflicting loyalties and friendships with arguably best FF localization

We dont get characters like Auron,lulu, Vincent, Fran, Balthier, Judges and Sephiroth etc anymore


Will play FFX remaster again sometime later and will check if FF7R actually manages to wipe level of this experience, but as of now, FF12 remaster is my current best Final Fantasy


Most Anticipated Tier1: MiyazakinextARPG,ReFantasy,DeathStranding,Cyberpunk,RDR2
Tier2: Shenmue3,FF7R,Sotc Remake
Tier3: Borderlands3,Systemshock3

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