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AGs set in Paris?

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Joined 2007-03-25


I’m an American on a Paris kick lately. I know the BS series is mostly set in Paris, as are Post Mortem and part of Yesterday (New York Crimes). But what other adventure games are set in Paris? Frankly, I’d love to see a Leisure Suit Larry game set in Paris. But that’s for a time in the future.

Anyway, does anyone have an answer?


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Joined 2010-08-03


off the top of my head most of Broken Sword.
there’s also Art of Murder Hunt for the puppeteer though it’s partly in Paris and a couple other places in France.
oh and there’s also Nikoppol but that’s futuristic paris.


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Joined 2003-09-10


Paris 1313: The Mystery of the Notre Dame Cathedral
Nancy Drew: Danger by Design
The Messenger: Louvre the Final Curse

Paris as one of the locations:

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
Mata Hari: Betrayal is Only a Kiss Away


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Joined 2003-10-16


Ben Jordan 8 has the second half in Paris. Freeware as well, so no having to track down to purchase. You really need to play the others first though. (Also free)



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Quest for Knowledge

I’m hoping to find name for game that I played long ago
The people here so well-informed, someone is sure to know
A time machine, grandfather clock, I give it to myself
Oh never mind, the box is sitting there upon my shelf

For real retro gaming nerds, name that game.

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