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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 24 December 2013


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I’m not Christian and don’t think much of the consumption based corporate holiday that sprang up around Jesus’ birthday, but I’ve found an appropriate screenshot for Christmas Eve for you from the game A Case for TKKG 5: TKKG Betrayed (1999). It depicts one of those crazy beggars in Santa suits that you see everywhere this time of year.

Anyway, last I checked there were like 16 of these TKKG adventure games, which is amateur hour compared to Nancy Drew, but definitely a healthy attempt at wringing every last penny you can out of a franchise. Three were released in English in America and most of the rest were available in English in Europe. You control four different youths of disparate backgrounds and hence unique skillsets and social connections who investigate various local crimes.

This sounds great on paper but falls apart at times in actual play as certain objects can only be manipulated by certain characters and certain conversations can only be had by specific characters as well. Should you miss something, you may find yourself pixel hunting and chatting your way through the entire game world up to four times until you find it. As the games aren’t very difficult as far as puzzles are concerned, your patience will be tested far more often than your wits. I’ve only played the first five games, so it’s possible that they are different in the later entries in the series.


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That screenshot looks almost exactly like the pizza parlor where Fry worked in Futurama, particularly the episode where Fry finds his lost dog’s remains.  It even appears to have the same tree out front.


Warning- People won’t have as much of a sense of humor about you putting an Alka Seltzer in your mouth then staggering into a restaurant while shouting “THE VIRUS HAS MUTATED!” as you’d hope they would.

Consider this: People say “Ewwww!!!” when they hear about a guy having a hairy bum or hairy back, yet every Teddy Bear ever made has had both a hairy bum AND a hairy back and nobody complains about them; In fact, people think Teddy Bears are adorable.

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