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Grace and the Ludwig museum’s desk lady

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Joined 2007-03-25


Hey, all:

Since I first played GKII back when it came out, I’ve always wondered: Why is Grace so mean to the desk lady at the Ludwig museum? Maybe it’s just because I don’t understand what they’re saying to each other (I don’t understand German much), as the lady does seem a little curt. But I’m always shocked at how short Grace is with her. What is the reason? And, more specifically, can anyone tell me roughly what is being said between the two of them?

I also get thrown off by how Grace is friendly with the desk lady—and they actually smile at each other—when she asks about the Wagner museum.

Anyway, would love to get input here. Thanks!


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Joined 2013-03-31


Er…because the acting is terrible?  Wink


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Joined 2007-03-25


Haha—yes, I know that’s true. I’m just checking in case something’s going on in German, and I’m just not catching it because of my lack of understanding. Also, I know Grace was mean to Gerde at first for a reason, and then nice to her when she found out the truth. Therefore, I assumed there’s a reason she was so curt with the museum lady.


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Joined 2013-08-26


I agree, terrible acting. By both women. Grace’s part of the conversation is harmless enough.

Grace asks about Ludwigs diary, the woman says it contains highly personal stuff, Grace wants to know where she can see it, the woman replies it’s in the royal archives and nobody is permitted to read it. Grace: “But…” Silly woman interrupts angrily, bangs fist and repeats Grace cannot see it.

The other conversation is about Ludwig’s letter and a new Wagner opera. Woman says she knows the letter. Grace asks for more information, silly woman overreacts: “I know nothing about Wagner. This is NOT a Wagner museum!” Grace: “I know”. Then the woman tells her about the Wagner museum in Bayreuth.


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