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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 28 September 2013


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Here’s a nice idyllic scene of a beach from AGON Episode 3: Pirates of Madagascar (2004). This game looks pretty nice, and its story is better than the first two games, but it really didn’t do anything for me overall. The board game at the end was fun though.


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I really enjoyed the series as far as it got (weren’t the developers thinking of a few more?)& liked the fact that each episode was complete in itself!


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For some reason I am remembering that the series was to be 14 or 15 parts. Can’t remember for sure. Agon 5: The Tale of Four Dragons might release next year. http://gamedev.privatemoon.com/en/fomenu1/agon-a-negy-sarkany-meseje-description


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I think it was supposed to be 12 episodes.  I played and really enjoyed the first 3 separately and then again with the added material in The Mysterious Codex.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a Mac version of the 4th episode.  I guess they don’t have the money for it.


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