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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Wednesday 18 September 2013


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Today’s scene is from a rather unique and interesting game from Westwood Studios, who would later go on to make Blade Runner. It’s called Circuit’s Edge (1990) and is a cyberpunk game set in a middle eastern ghetto called The Budayeen where all manner of seedy and criminal activities take place. Interestingly, in this setting the west has largely collapsed and the middle east is the dominant area of the world, with all that entails.

You play a detective named Marid who is framed for murder and must hunt down the real killer. The game is a sort of RPG/Adventure hybrid and has some simplistic combat. It is also a real-time game with a time limit and limited saves.

It does have a very interesting world to explore though and allows for all sorts of activities during your investigations. You can do drugs, hook up with prostitutes, even kill cops, but not without consequences. It’s even a bit ahead of its time with homosexual and transexual characters for you to interact with. There are also a bunch of cybernetic mods that you can purchase/find to enhance your skills and aid in your investigation. These include foreign language chips, combat enhancements, lock-picking, hacking, and more.


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