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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Saturday 07 September 2013


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Alas, poor Yannick! I knew him…

Today’s scene depicts the death of one of my party members who was dumb enough to leave the shopping mall and wander into the arms of a horde of zombies in this Dawn of the Dead inspired game called Zombi (1986). This is the very first game released by Ubisoft.

This game is a sort of hybrid survival horror/adventure game, but the combat is so unbelievably easy and infrequent that you almost have to try to die. Simply walking around in King’s Quest and other Sierra games is more challenging and dangerous. There are some insta-death scenes like the above though.

The gameplay consists mostly of finding items and solving puzzles to make your escape via helicopter from the roof of the mall. You need to find some fuel for instance. You have four characters in the game and you do need to coordinate them on occasion to solve certain puzzles, which is pretty neat for a game this old.

Anyway, last year this game got a remake/re-imagining for the Wii U called Zombi U and it’s a hardcore survival horror game this time, not an adventure game that happens to have a little combat in it like this one.

(The screenshot above is from the Amiga port released in 1990 if you are wondering why the graphics seem too good for 1986.)


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