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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Wednesday 04 September 2013


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Blown Away (1994) is a game that is a sequel to the movie of the same name starring Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones that was released the same year. A protégé of villain Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones’ character) is pissed you offed him and wants revenge on your friends and family for the deed.

This game was made by the same people who made Panic in the Park and gameplay is very similar, consisting largely of various mini-games and puzzles, some requiring speed and a bit of dexterity, centered around the game’s mad bomber theme. Acting is a mixed bag of course, but the guy who plays the villain does a pretty good job of it, and seeing as he has the most scenes, that’s pretty important. Some of the timed/dexterity puzzles were frustrating but overall I thought it was a enjoyable diversion. I’m not sure I would play it again though.


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Never got this one but I remember playing Panic in the Park, didn’t like it very much and I think it had to do with the frustrating puzzles you mention for this one.


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