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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Friday 09 August 2013


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Joined 2003-10-05


I’ve played all the CSI games and none of them are really all that great, but for whatever reason I prefer the older games to the newer ones developed by Telltale. The scene above is some random murder from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003), the very first game in the series.


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Never had any interest in any of these TV show tie-in games. They all look pretty bad. Are any of them - from any of the franchises, L&O, CSI, NCIS, etc. - any good?


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Haven’t played any of the CSi games but I am going through Law & Order Legacies by Telltale games.

They’ve translated the style of the show into game mechanics very well with the focus on finding contradictions and uncovering lies in people’s statements and also crime scene investigations that are essentially hidden object games.
There’s some stuff in the DA side of the game that I would like to see applied in Ace Attorney like being able to object to an attorney’s questioning or a suspect’s testimony for specific reasons like speculation, hearsay and leading questions.

However, some of Telltale’s hallmark flaws reappear. The game so far seems pretty easy. If you fail a scene you can simply replay it immediately knowing all the answers and the writing seems off at times and can be really distracting.

What I liked about the entire Law & Order franchise is that it shows that even with the system working to protect the public the damage of a crime committed still lingers long after the trial. In Legacies, it felt like Telltale was trying to wrap up some the episodes with a wink and a smile like it was an episode of Dragnet.

I say if you’re a fan of the series, try out the first episode.


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Joined 2012-12-17


I think I’m in agreement. I actually started with the second game and enjoyed it a lot. As the games went on though I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much, although I couldn’t pinpoint why…okay, one reason at least was it was really jarring to not hear the female voices (both actresses declidned to participate)


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Joined 2011-10-21


I have played the first CSI game, CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder and Law & Order: Justice Is Served.

None of them were bad games, none of them were particularly good, though. They’re all fairly easy, but at least they capture the general vibe of the series.

If you’ve played one, you’ve probably played them all, though. Tongue


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The only CSI game I played was CSI: Dark Motives (2004) and was a good game.


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CSI was one of the first games I played. This was back in 2003 when I still watched the tv series. I also played the first two sequals. After that I stopped watching the series and thus also buying the games. As a result I can’t really comment on how good they are. I really liked them back then but I didn’t really have that many games to compare them to and I liked the show as well back then so I think I was more inclined to like them anyway. I can say if you want to play them I’d start with Dark Motives as that one’s easilly the best of the three I’ve played.


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I’ve played only the first two games of the CSI bunch, and for me CSI: Dark Motives (2004) was better than CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003).
If you liked the series you’ll probably like the games. All 73 of them.
(Oh, Grissom, where art thou? )


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I’ve quite liked the few CSI games I’ve played but I don’t consider them full fledged adventures, they’re more like casual puzzlers. I think I’ve mostly played the older ones but I can’t really be sure anymore. I did recently buy one of them to my PS3 since it cost like 3 euros but I haven’t had the time or interest to start it yet. I wonder how horrible the controls are with a gamepad.


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Played the first two.  They’re nothing to write home about.


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