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Suggestions about user reviews

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Joined 2004-08-01


I think it’s a very nice feature that complements the site reviews. I think it could be even better.

a) Add a way to see all reviews by a user from the user’s profile. Currently you can do this manually by using the “Your Ratings” link and replacing the user ID with the user ID you’re interested in (which you find out by viewing a user’s profile and copying it from the URL), but that’s cumbersome.

b) Add a histogram of scores given (or a median score) by a user. If a user only gives games five stars or half a star, that might affect how others perceive the validity of his opinion.

c) Add an ability to directly link to a specific review. Under “Your Ratings” I just get several pages of reviews I’ve written, it would be nice to be able to link to one of them.

d) Because ordering of user reviews for a given title seems arbitrary, it would be nice to either order by review length (from short to long) or display reviews collapsed until they’re clicked. As it is, if I write a wall of text and happen to get sorted first, people will have to scroll a while to see anyone else’s review.
I do think putting textual reviews above star-only reviews makes sense.


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