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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Thursday 25 July 2013


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In today’s scene from The Twilight Zone (1988) you have been released on a small island by a man who seeks to hunt the ultimate prey. You. To make matters worse, there is the problem with the hungry little kitten above who has escaped from its cage.

This is just one of the many different scenarios that takes place within the game which has you literally cheating death, questing for a King, racing a formula 1 car, rescuing children from fires and other assorted and seemingly unrelated things. It all makes sense when you get to the humorous twist ending, assuming you can put up with the parser, the dead ends, and the other problems that plague many games from this era.

The best part of the game is definitely the graphics which are quite good for the time as you can see. The best version to play is the Amiga version (pictured above) due to its increased color depth.

In addition, I have never gotten the DOS version to work quite right in DOSBox. About halfway through the game, always at the same spot, it locks up and I can’t continue. This happens with the abandonware versions that are on the Internet as well as with the files I’ve copied directly off the 5.25” floppies that I own. There is probably some way to get it to work, but why bother when the Amiga version looks better and works just fine in WinUAE?


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>pet tiger

- At first, the tiger gives you a confused look while you pet stroke him behing the ears, but after a few second he just rolls over

>rub tigers belly

- You promptly begin to rub the tiger’s belly too which he responds with sounds of satisfaction. At that moment, a friend for life was made.

The player saw death in the eyes and decided to take the most stupid action and surprinsingly it worked. Why did it work? Because every large beast has a kitten inside it, and nothing makes sense in adventure games… specially in The Twilight Zone


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