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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 21 July 2013


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Today’s scene is from another obscure game by Michael Zerbo, the developer who made Severed Heads, which I covered as a Scene of the Day on June 2nd. It’s called The Murderer (2001) and is a remake of his 1994 Amiga game The Child Murderer

You play the role of a servant to a wealthy man who stumbles upon the body of the man’s recently murdered daughter. Knowing that you will be blamed for the death despite your innocence, you decide to take matters into your own hands and dispose of the body before anyone notices. You then seek to bring the real murderer to justice and skip town before you are caught.

The above scene is from my favorite part of the game in which you ask your friend the butcher for help getting you out of your predicament. I’ll leave the matter of how he helps to your imagination, but if morbid subject matter and dark humor don’t appeal to you, you might want to avoid this one. It’s not for the squeamish. I thought the scene was quite humorous though.

This game is now freeware and can be downloaded on Michael Zerbo’s website.


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Bastich - 20 July 2013 10:40 PM

This game is now freeware and can be downloaded on Michael Zerbo’s website.

Bastich, I love you.


The human race is doomed to progress.
Tony Clifton


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Me Too I Love ya Man ..!

have a Q: are ya taking this Scene of day until whatever, i remember you said you will give try for month and see .. so how is it rewarding so far , hope you are having the much fun   as we do !
Keep On Rockin’


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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this screenshot before, I just don’t know when, where or in what context.


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It would have made a fine candidate for the Caption Contest.


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Thanks for posting another screenshot, now up to two. Going for the obscurity record…

@Kasper F. Nielsen

You may have seen it at JA, back when they had an indy developer section. They used to have a couple of screenshots for the game.


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