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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 03 June 2013


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Inspired by the discussion about the quality of FMV games in the Tex Murphy: Project Fedora thread, I have reached deep into the darkest recesses of ludological depravity to bring you this interactive, trash cinema, softcore torture porn game for today’s scene of the day. This artsy cinematic gem is known as Slaughtered Roommates (1999).

A man looking to recover some stolen drugs kidnaps three young women and will do whatever is necessary to recover the goods. It is up to you to choose how the story unfolds in this utterly unexciting full motion video game. This game features multiple endings, terrible acting, torture, murder and… breasts.

I have to say it was somewhat difficult to find a screenshot from this game that conveyed its trashiness while also not containing any nudity. The “get naked or die” story branch depicted above works pretty well though.


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See, I knew Telltale wasn’t the first to do tough moral choices!

Though, I’m not sure if the proper antithesis to choosing “strip” is “get shot”. Wouldn’t that be “refuse to strip”?


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First Severed Heads, now Slaughtered Roommates???

Bastich, where do you even FIND these games??? Gasp

It’s very enlightening, though. There’s still a LOT of adventure games I’ve never heard of… Tongue


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