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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 28 May 2013


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Joined 2003-10-05


After thinking about it for a week, I’m going to give the AGSotD thing a try for a month and see how it goes. I’m not going to specialize in really obscure games or anything, but I am going to try to pick games that Kurufinwe didn’t already use, which means I won’t be covering most of the really popular games. Anyway, here is day one for me and I’m starting off with a bit of controversy…

At first glance, this is probably one of the most outrageously offensive screenshots in the genre. A black man, Uncle Remus no less, depicted as a monkey lasciviously ogling a scantily clad white woman. What if I told you the same game had a shot of a naked, pregnant black woman in a chair with her misshapen belly grossly distended to her knees with a caption below it that states she was successfully mated with a gorilla?

What if racism was just scratching the surface? What if this same game showed a picture of Mary Magdalene visiting Jesus on the cross, except Jesus’ body has been replaced by a giant penis? What about pictures of female genitalia pierced by large syringes, or women depicted as pigs, one of whom is mounted by a man wearing nothing but a pair of cowboy boots and an erection?

What about pictures of late term abortion and reverse births? What about a young girl for whom helping mom with the household chores consists of being confined naked to a kitchen cabinet, her anus serving as a dispenser of handy-wipes? What about hermaphrodites? Or men having sex with sheep?

It would be a terrible game indeed, if it wasn’t a satirical game about censorship by one of the most satirical musical artists of all time. The game is The Adventures of the Smart Patrol (1996) and the artists in question are Devo.

The funny thing is, these are the pictures that weren’t censored. Many pictures in the game are. Whether the censored pics are fakes meant to make a point about censorship or whether Devo purposefully submitted pics so extreme that they knew they would be censored by the game’s publisher in order to make the ultimate satirical statement I don’t know, but it certainly gets your imagination going.

While the rest of the game is far more tame than the pages of the book scattered about the gameworld like the one I posted above and the ones I described, it is still utterly bizarre. It’s worth playing for the WTF factor alone.


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Looking forward to your series.  Hope this inspires the reader to explore some really unique games from the past.

I might give this a shot, but it might not be everyone’s cup-of-tea.


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I think WTF is the correct word

Anyway i had never heard of this game before, but i am glad that i now know about it.


You have to play the game, to find out why you are playing the game! - eXistenZ


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and man ,we could not stop laughing!

The Adventures of the Smart Patrol
, yeah right ..

thanks for the laughs,  Bastich.. carry on. Cool


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