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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 14 May 2013


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[[ !!!SPOILERS!!! > click for picture < !!!SPOILERS!!! ]]

Kurufinwe’s Top-10 Endings
#6 – Sam & Max Between Time and Space

“Don’t sweat it, Sam. We’re bound to get reincarnated as each other a few times anyway.”
“You crack me up, little blasphemer.”

— Max and Sam

For close to 15 years, Sam & Max Hit the Road was the funniest game I had ever played. And then Sam & Max Between Time and Space came along and stole the crown – and has kept it since then. But while this factors into things, this list is about endings, not humour. The reason why Sam & Max Between Time and Space is on this list is because this game marks the point when Telltale finally cracked the episodic model.

While the first season felt like six disconnected games with some repetitive elements (Sybil’s jobs, Bosco’s disguises…), Season 2 found the right balance between satisfying episodes and season-spanning arcs for recurring characters – and jokes. After an epic time-travelling episode, the season finale brought all the threads together, whether it’s Bosco’s arc, Sybil and Lincoln’s delightfully silly romance, or the final round of pimping the DeSoto.

And then there’s that post-credits tag. Oh my. The obnoxious $*&# Poppers(*) swearing to get their revenge just before getting horribly killed by the lava from episode 2 was delightful and absolutely hilarious. Especially Peepers’ eyes floating on the lava. (Yeah, I’m a sadist.) This is one of the most clever uses of foreshadowing ever. Any encyclopaedia that doesn’t refer to this scene when explaining Chekhov’s Gun is not doing its job properly.

[spoiler](*) Oh man. Hugh Bliss censoring the word Soda was the gift that kept on giving. This, in particular, is pure genius.[/spoiler]


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I agree this is also a great ending and a clever used of time travel paradoxes, overall I however liked the 3rd season more.


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