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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Sunday 12 May 2013


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[[ !!!SPOILERS!!! > click for picture < !!!SPOILERS!!! ]]

Kurufinwe’s Top-10 Endings
#8 – Virtue’s Last Reward

[spoiler]“Does… does it scare you…? This is what I really look like. I’m a GAULEM. Just a… a machine… A jumble of metal and plastic that pretends to be real.”
— Luna[/spoiler]

When a game has 9 different endings, all of which must be seen to truly complete it, that increases the odds that one of them will qualify for everyone’s top endings list, right? Surprisingly enough, the ending that I best remember from the game is not the “true” ending. That one is too busy resolving all the mysteries and setting up the sequel to deliver a true emotional punch.

No, the strongest ending is Luna’s ending, which had me teary-eyed before it was over. Sure, it’s got a lot of melodrama. Sure, the music is very unsubtle when it comes to tugging at your heartstrings. But VLR’s structure ensures that you see this ending very late in the game, at a point when you’ve genuinely grown to care about the characters, and about this one in particular. Furthermore, it provides a surprisingly sweet ending to the game’s darkest, most violent and horror-filled timeline, which further increases its power.

On a personal note, it also touches on a theme that I’m a sucker for: The possibility for an artificial intelligence to develop feelings and a “soul”. I know it has been explored extensively, and better than by Virtue’s Last Reward, in numerous science-fiction stories, but it never fails to interest me and, when done right, touch me. I’ll never really forgive Obsidian and The Moment of Silence for shying away from this theme when their story seemed to be leading right to it.

By the way, in the pic, note how the shot is carefully framed so as to avoid showing Sigma’s (aged) face. Well played, Chunsoft.


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I agree that this is the strongest ending in the game.

Plus it was great to have an ‘opponent’ you could ally with without fearing betrayal. But I’m a sucker for that type of in-game characters… Tongue


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Yes, completely agree, best character ending. The Tenmyouji ending, I think, was also good with Qwark revealing their story.


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