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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Wednesday 1 May 2013


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Well, don’t just stand there, hero! Do something!

I recently replayed Quest for Glory IV and V back to back, and it made me realize how much more ambitious and bigger the latter is. Sure, it’s ugly as hell, the combat sucks (but it wouldn’t be QfG otherwise) and the way they decided (seemingly at the last minute) to make each rite start as soon the previous one ends makes for some disjointed story-telling when events supposed to happen during the inter-rite period start overlapping with those happening during the rites. But it’s also better both as an RPG and an adventure, and it has all the great atmosphere, writing and memorable characters (the Famous Adventurer being a particularly great addition) that you’d expect from QfG.

It’s just a shame that you don’t get a proper ending ceremony to conclude the series as it deserves…


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Little of Topic ,mentioning QfG .... part 2 the Original had an extreme bunch of swearings in Arabic (written in English Letters) that can get someone killed in Egypt… i am not talking bout damn or shit ... wayyyyy Lowest, i always wondered how/where did Sierra or the The Coles pick it from. one of the worst is that Clay Pots Merchant when he says ‘Kos’ Ommak!‘Sorry there is no way i can translate it .. but i still remember how i was shocked hearing those words .


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