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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Tuesday 23 April 2013


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Today, some evil mummies on rails!

I had my problems with the 5th Layton game’s political message, and that puzzle with the mummies annoyed me to no end, but it was nice that the sequence in the temple attempted to add a little variety to the gameplay.

Am I the only one still playing the daily downloadable puzzles? They’ve gotten horribly repetitive at this point, but still they’re a nice way to extend the game’s life.


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I’m in the final stretch of Virtue’s Last Reward now, and this is the game I’ll play immediately afterwards. I’m expecting a similar quality as the other 4 games (who were all comparable).

My guess is that, just like on the previous versions of the game, the daily “downloadable” puzzles are already physically on the cartridge. They just get unlocked.
Anyway, I’ve played all the daily downloadable puzzles of all these games, so you’re not the only one playing them.


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The part in the temple was my favourite part of the game, at least it added some variety like Kuru said. I would have liked it to be longer and more difficult. In the last 2 games I started to feel Layton fatigue I think, I’m getting tired of playing the little variations of the same puzzles. One of the reasons I never download the daily puzzles after finishing it.

That said, I’ll still play the last game of the second trilogy to see how it ends.


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