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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 22 April 2013


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Of all the ages in all the Myst games, Revelation’s Spire might be the most haunting. Its lifeless, desolate landscape of broken rocks floating in endless dark clouds is unforgettable. The music, with its very cold strings, also played a big part in building up the atmosphere. No wonder Sirrus became half-mad in there!


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I always wandered: How the heck did Sirrus managed to create all these from nothing? Yes, he was a genius and able to think the theory of the machinery (frequencies, etc). But how did he made f.e. wirring, stairs, circuits, etc WITHOUT tools and the proper materials??? At least in Heaven, Achenar’s home had a more “primitive” and realistic aesthetic.

EDIT: I have a love/hate relation with the Spider Chair…


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