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Future of the TOP list


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No matter how disputable/controversial the 2011’s TOP 100 adventures were, it was fun and raised a lot of discussions, nostalgia etc. I haven’t been able to follow all talk around it and the following idea might have been already pointed out, but just in case anyway - wouldn’t it be nice if TOP list would be ongoing project?
We all felt some important games were left out, and new great ones see light of day, so maybe the list would get updated. Lets say in 2015 TOP 150; in 2020 TOP 200…

I think it mostly up to Jackal, but community’s opinion might matter.

Update: I sifted through the comments and i see plan is to release updated TOP now and then. That’s pretty much closes my topic. Grin Or maybe we can discuss how community could help?


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This actually came up on the Site Feedback board recently.

Feedback about the site’s features belongs there.


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