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Notification when submitting a comment over 500 characters


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Joined 2006-02-14


Since you seem to accept long comments even though the article comment section asks for comments below 500 characters (which I didn’t really pay attention to, sorry), you just pre-moderate them, could I suggest a bit clearer message on the “notification of sent comment” screen?

I thought it said that my comment was spam and wouldn’t be accepted, so I tried sending a shorter version, got the same message (because it was still too long), and then sat down to edit and rephrase everything, just to find that my comment had gotten through.

Some sort of “comment has been successfully sent but has been flagged and will be moderated before posting”?


I play story-heavy games, watch animation, anime, B-movies, disaster movies, sci-fi movies and crime shows and try to write about it all on my blog: Snark, pedantry and random geekery

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