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Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting ending *spoilers abound*


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Since this is pretty much going to be one big spoiler, I’m just going to warn you now: If you haven’t played the game and don’t want the ending ruined, please read no further.

Obviously the ending of this game intentionally left some mysteries unexplained, but there’s one thing I think I was supposed to get but didn’t pick up, and that is, what happened to Zack?

Did he incinerate himself along with Sasha when the ritual didn’t “work”? Or did he escape like Donald?

Since I wasn’t sure about that, I was wondering if Zack was supposed to be the “road guy” that the sheriff hit with his car, rather than one of the victims.

That little opening bit never quite made sense to me as I explored the game, because the prisoners at Cold Winter Farm would have shown visible signs of torture that couldn’t be mistaken for damage from a car crash (because Zack was patching the victims up, so it would be obvious the injuries had already been treated.) Surely if the man showed signs of torture, it would result in a lot more of a police investigation than one sheriff just being curious, and what he was muttering would be taken a lot more seriously as evidence of a major crime.

Another possibility, of course, is that the “road guy” was an escaped prisoner (maybe Sylar? since there was nothing in his medical notes) who just hadn’t been subjected to “the chamber” yet - but why would he be so traumatized he could only speak a couple of words?

So, my theory is that “road guy” was Zack, driven crazy not by physical pain but by his “failure” with Sasha and the violence he did to get the hearts for the ritual? Am I right about that, or am I overlooking something?


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