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Whispers of a Machine is the only game which doesn’t have an option to disable subtitles.

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Joined 2020-11-27


In all honestly, I have no idea why it wouldn’t have that option. It should be simple to implement, yet they just didn’t do it. Every game which I’ve ever played had the option to disable subtitles, from small indie games to major AAA games. But someone this one game doesn’t have that option.


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Joined 2017-12-19


There are plenty of games which have no subtitles option.

Whispers of a Machine is an AGS game, so I would guess that they are using some existing feature within the engine to show subtitles. I don’t know how AGS works internally in that matter, but at least with some other engines its one of the core functions, and disabling that wouldn’t be trivial.

And talking about AGS, I can’t right now think of a single AGS game that would have no subtitles option. If there is such, I have missed it.


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Did you ask them? It’s a simple feature of AGS. But it’s up to the devs to utilize it, though there can be reasons to use it and reasons not to. But a lot of AGS games will/should, if there is no specific conflict.

If it’s not in the game options they may have an underlying key shortcut for it, which is sometimes T key, but you could try pressing all other keys including numpad cos it may be in there but not mentioned.

AGS will cycle it between Text & Voice, Voice Only, Text Only (so you may need to interact with something a few times in a row to see if your key presses are switching anything)

And talking about AGS, I can’t right now think of a single AGS game that would have no subtitles option

If I understand what you’re saying correctly, then Cat Lady and Downfall are 2 of them (that have a “no subtitles” option). I imagine the WEG games have it. Tales may do, but that is one of those instances where such an option may not be viable - because visible text is required to solve certain puzzles (which could be a reason for Whispers and any of the other games where it is NOT used).


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