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What are your favourite kinds of adventure games?


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Joined 2009-11-10


Pretty much the same…  I tend to dislike horror games but besides that I care more about the story being interesting and the characters to be interesting.
In term of humor, I like it but it’s hard to write great humour and bad jokes are worse than no jokes.

If there’s one thing I’d like to see more of though, it’s historical fiction. I feel that it hasn’t been done that well in general (apart from Christy Marx’ work)


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I got my laptop out and I am playing Gray Matter. What a great game and it plays great on my laptop. I’d have to call this game a horror/thriller and this genre I also love too. It’s got some really creepy scenes that make the game great.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.


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chrissie - 30 September 2020 04:56 PM
TimovieMan - 30 September 2020 04:13 PM

I don’t really have a favourite genre. I just want the games to grip me, to have a good story and interesting characters.

^    .... that

Ditto that.


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You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Adventure → Thread

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