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Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed

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Joined 2020-09-11


Hey everyone!

Trouble Hunter Chronicles is a new adventure game with a classic feel coming in 2021 that places you in the shoes of a grizzled ex-OSS operative finding his way in post-war France. When a mysterious woman visits you, do you have what it takes to find your missing friend, uncover an insidious plot and survive villainous assassins?

From the first moment, Trouble Hunter Chronicles immerses you in a deep, intricate story seeping with intrigue. Explore unique locations, engage with quirky characters and make clever use of items (rubber chicken, anyone?) to think your way through a complex mystery.

Using your journal to keep track of new discoveries, locations and sometimes baffling characters, it’s time to put on your thinking hat, solve puzzles and become the grizzled detective your were always meant to be!

Our game may be coming out in 2021, but select players can test our Alpha and a demo will be coming VERY soon! If you want to be the first to know about this, our discord is the place to be and is also where you can earn a place as an alpha tester! https://discord.gg/FHx3g6K

If anyone is interested in the game, wishlisting it on our steampage would also help a bunch! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1355360/Trouble_Hunter_Chronicles_The_Stolen_Creed/

Lastly, you can check out our trailer here!

Thanks to anyone that is still reading, it’s been great to finally be able to share it all with you!


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Joined 2020-06-29


Free demo of Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed available now!


Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed is an upcoming point and click adventure game. Old school style adventure in 2D hand drawn art with real point and click gameplay.

Try it on STEAM now:



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