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List of lesser-known adventure games you may have not have come across yet


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Joined 2020-08-06


Hey there!
Decade-long lurker here Smile
Thought I might share with you some titles I don’t think I’ve come across on this site yet!  Or haven’t had much exposure that I’ve noticed.. Alot of them are VN/adventure hybrids (or choice-heavy VNs I thought deserved a mention), or re-released English-translated games, and can be found on Steam.  Some have come up under the Newly Released section already but gone mostly unnoticed.. Let me know what you think Smile

Roman’s Christmas
The Adventures of Fei DuanMu
Visitor 1 & 2
Detective Kobayashi
Interrogation Files - Port Landsend (similar gameplay to Her Story)
The Vigilant Villa
A Light in The Dark
Burden of Proof (Ace Attorney inspired)
BirthME Code (Danganronpa/999 inspired)
Detective Failure (RPG maker)
The Island: Into the Mist
Mirt - Tales of the Cold Land
Nether Gallery
Shinrai - Broken Beyond Dispair
What Never Was (free)
96 Mill
Crimson Gray
Metaphobia (free)
MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate
Mystery at Stonyford Bridge
Soul Gambler
Missing Children
Leviathan the Last Day of the Decade
Return to Shironagasu Island
Seers Isle
Stigmatized Property
Corridors of their Memories


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