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Quiz: Kiss Me Deadly [Finished]


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Joined 2012-03-24


Congratulations DarkEye!  Thumbs Up

Thanks D for an excellent quiz!  Thumbs Up


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Congrats DarkEye and chrissie!

Thanks, D! This was a fun quiz. Smile


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I think it’s time to take a look at some of these screenshots and comment on the quality of the kisses.

My personal opinion is that the kiss from Harvester (#45) is probably the worst. That woman’s mouth is sealed tighter than a zip lock bag. Look at the crease at the side of her mouth from how hard she’s clenching her lips shut. If I were to guess what she was thinking at that moment it would be about how much bleach she was going to have to gargle afterward and how high her water bill was going to be the following month after taking an 18 hour shower.

While not nearly as bad, I’m still somewhat bothered by Harvester’s neighbor from Ghostly Desires (#44). First off, her eyes are open, which is just another way of saying, “I’m only kissing you because my rent is due next week”. It’s probably just prominent cheekbones from low body fat, but the sunken look on that guy’s cheeks makes it look like he’s trying to suck venom from a snakebite wound. Every time I look at him I think of vacuum cleaners.

Voyeur 2 (#10) also seems pretty passionless and tight-lipped.

I kind of like Phantasmagoria 2’s (#2) kiss though. Tex and Chelsea from Overseer (#38) is not bad either. Riana Rouge (#74) is, of course, utterly awesome. ;P


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I’m not surprised nobody got #52. It’s not in the museum rooms or I would have recognized it, so it must be from the artist’s own room, right?

EDIT: I checked, it is.


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Congrats, DarkEye and Chrissie, and thanks for the terrific quiz, D!  It wasn’t an easy one, especially since so many kisses occur right at the end of games, but at least I had fun watching a few playthroughs of games I won’t get to play.  Of all the answers I missed, the shots for Geisha and Discworld Noir drove me the craziest because both were so familiar.


April, come she will
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain.

-Paul Simon


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Well done chrissie! We are inseparable lately. Grin
Thank you for a fun quiz, D.! #33 Caxy Skunk Meets the Monsters? That looks interesting!
As for best kiss: My vote goes to #74 too. Tongue


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Lady Kestrel - 18 August 2020 12:40 AM

.... and   Of all the answers I missed, the shots for Geisha and Discworld Noir drove me the craziest because both were so familiar.

The shot for Geisha wasn’t so familiar to me but I completely missed it looking through footage of it as I was looking for a women wearing a shimmering evening dress instead of just her shimmering birthday suit!  Laughing

I think my favourite kiss is no 71 but thinking about it does give me back-ache Smile 

The most surprising answer for me was 14 - I looked through footage for Alpha Polaris but gave up as I just didn’t recall a scene like that in the game when I played it way back or whether there were censored & uncensored versions?
Incidentally the game is FREE on Steam at the mo - I don’t know if it’s been mentioned in the discount thread. 

DarkEye - 18 August 2020 02:28 AM

Well done chrissie! We are inseparable lately.

Thank you, it’s always an honour for me to get a score anywhere near yours DarkEye!  Laughing


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