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RPG and Puzzle adventures for kids

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This is something I have been doing to play with my son Alex (6yo). A few months ago, I started creating role-playing like adventures. I create cards for enemies and treasures, a short story and level maps. We then build the levels out of toys (Lego blocks, Brio tracks) and our heroes are Lego animals that represent some characters invented by my son. He uses them to move through the levels, fighting against the enemies which are divided in Enemies, Captains, Lieutenants and Bosses. Like a role-playing game, enemies and heroes have health points which we keep track of on a sheet of paper.

After playing a few of these adventures, I decided to create a different kind, based not on fights, but on solving puzzles, in a way similar to point-and-click games. Like the previous adventures, we build the levels out of toys, and use one of my son’s heroes. In each level, there are small enigmas to solve: for instance, using a bottle of water found in one room to extinguish a fire in another room. There are also some activities to complete based on easy calculations, labyrinths… to progress and complete the levels.

My son really enjoyed playing these games, and after some time he started building levels of his own for me to play and coming up with ideas for the next adventures. Seeing this, I thought other children could be interested, and created a website where I add all the adventures I create: https://adventures-for-kids.com.

As I just started this, any constructive feedback, positive or negative, would be much appreciated.



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