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Its time to give Kuru’s AGSotD an official , deserved feature on the Main Page


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i write this as a fan of Kuru’s unmatched Dedication which no one (no one) can deny it, that Kuru hadn’t skip a single day without doing the effort of thinking about a scene/Game , compromising his free time searching ,Capturing the game Screen then Uploading it,and posting then at last adding his intelligent comment over it…

i doubt if there is anyone here expect for Jack is well dedicated that much for the love of this beloved Site.

so i start this call for Marek , Jack and Tabacco to give him and his great feature the official matter/output which is deserved…

since the 20th of May 2012 Kuru hadn’t skip a single day for making those nicest threads that gather all the members around it to discuss one great Adventure/Gem that he had posted,

100’s of members tried and played those games Kuru had presented after discovering them (admitted) what they had missed and more 100’s had replayed those Adventures after seeing Kuru’s beautiful Screenshots plus the active members comments and praises .

i myself stared working on gathering all the AGSotD threads that Kuru had posted since 20th of may to gather them in one thread (if kuru would not mind it i will be posting it soon) for members and guests to track back all Kuru’s efforts.

So, how many of the 16721 of AG members site would sign/agree on this feature/request… to officially be part of the AG’s elements not just a simple thread that can be forgotten or skipped .


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Who’s Kuru?


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just perfect, you should’t even bother yourself replying.


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Agree!I must admit that I get a lot of inspiration from Kurus daily postings.


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I’ll second the “no”.

What happens on the forums has nothing at all do with the main site. Besides, each new thread posted is listed in the “Community Activity” section of the home page already.


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Jackal - 29 January 2013 03:58 PM

What happens on the forums has nothing at all do with the main site.

I agree with this.

I reckon Kuru does the AGSotD for us, forumites, and not for the many non-forum visitors of AdventureGamers.
Kuru, correct me if I’m wrong. Cool

Of course, occasionally acknowledging the hard work he puts into the AGSotD (like with this thread) doesn’t hurt… Grin

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