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Ghost of tsushima


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Im about 12 to 15 hrs in, and still on the first part, I just unlocked all stances. I think I might have over leveled myself bc even on hard im slaughtering the enemy. I hope it gets somewhat hard again. this is the first action/rpg that I have role-played in forever. I actually change armor depending on who I am helping and what I am doing lol. Mainly I switch between the samurai and the ronin armors. I also always keep on the same mask, bc in my head canon that is what the mongols see at night when they go to sleep, my ghost mask lol

Also I love the characters and story. I read some reviews where they were saying jin is boring, but I dont see that at all, and I love the main villain. the Voice actor for him is perfect. Its nice to see a game not trying to inject humor where it doesnt belong. Although I did chuckle once or twice when the strawhats and I were trying to steal food from the fort and boats.

As far as the stealth goes, it is far from perfect, and the enemies are dumb, but when you unlock more tools it becomes more fun. I also LOVE the fact the game doesnt punish you for playing as a ghost.

I dont know if the loop is going to be as fun 30 hrs in but for now im having a blast. My one complaint is I feel some of the sub stories dont need to be 8 or 9 chapters long. I feel like some of that drags, even though I want to see the ending to them.

This game feels like what Assasins creed always wanted to be but couldnt quite get there

So far this is my second favorite game this yr behind ff7remake


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